About Chessfee.com

www.chessfee.com (formerly www.pay4chess.com ) is the latest web portal for providing hassle free solution for players to pay the entry fee for any of the upcoming chess tournaments ranging from district level to international level.

www.chessfee.com (formerly www.pay4chess.com) acts as the agent to those ("Tournament Organizer") who are promoting the events for which you book / register by paying entry fee. When you register for an event/tournament, www.chessfee.com will be handling the transaction and collecting payment for the organizer.

Benefits for Organizers

  • Organizing would be very simple. Individual login for the organizers which would enable them to see all their player registrations. Free listing of the tournament along with their prospectus in our website.
  • As an additional service www.chessfee.com (formerly www.pay4chess.com) can also market your event(tournament) via SMS at a nominal cost upon approval from the organizer.
  • The tournaments are marketed through whatsapp, facebook etc. free of cost. Organizers can also collect district and state registration fees for players, boarding and lodging fees along with the entry fees.
  • TNSCA & AICF payment details (AICF ID) of the player already registered will be provided to the organizer.

Benefits For Players / Users

  • List of Tournaments along with their prospectus will be displayed. Payment of entry fees for chess tournament online @ www.chessfee.com (formerly www.pay4chess.com) would reduce the necessity to visit banks for getting Demand Draft to pay ur entry fees.
  • Now with www.chessfee.com, it only takes a minute for me to pay ur entry fees and payee will get email confirmation from chessfeeconfirmation@gmail.com after payment of entry. Additionally, players can also pay their District and State Registration fees along with the entry fee.
  • You can bookmark www.pay4chess.com as your favourite. Its' not only that you can pay in minutes, but also helps you to utilize early bird offers given by Organizers and great deals when you pay via www.chessfee.com (formerly www.pay4chess.com).
  • Individual notification of the tournaments via SMS, email for registered players.